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The aim of this design was to reflect the essential qualities and innate disposition of Shizuoka prefecture in an aesthetically pleasing way. Tamako conveys the geographical attractions and the agricultural landscape of this region using traditional Japanese garden design methodology. Avoiding literal use of popular sights such as Mount Fuji and Lake Hamana, these and other features were abstracted subtly into her design. In doing so, interest is shown in introducing the modern movement of garden design to visitors who have not had the opportunity or fortune to visit gardens outside Japan.

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NYC 2050

Sea-level rise is a major concern for most coastal cities around the world. Thirty percent of Lower Manhattan is expected to sink below sea level by 2050 while also becoming more vulnerable to storm surges. This masterplan aims to use the flood as a tool to transform the city, redefine the future urban life, and manipulate the city's edge once again as one embraces the imminent threat. In this vision for a future city, the problem becomes the instrument in which changes are implemented; a new territory is created; a new New York is brought to life.

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The revitalization project of the National Resistance Square, tackles the desire to reestablish the square’s character as a place of leisure and encounter that it once was. The new design shares the plot into four welcoming zones connected to one another by green and shaded alleys created in continuity to the surrounding urban network. They offer areas for cooling down, relaxing, playing and wandering, each featuring either solar electricity production, rainwater collection, waste separation, compost processing and energy sobriety.

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Winter Palace Square

It is a preliminary design concept for Winter Palace Square in Saint Petersburg. Taking into account the historical background of the city and the location of the square, the proposal refers to an interactive educational and information platform that promotes engagement of the visitors and locals with the historical background of the urban fabric. City as info and city as human brain is an interactive approach parallel to human anatomy that brings technological advancements forward as a means of implementing a highly interactive and educational platform.

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Garden surrounding the historic willa in the city center. Long and narrow plot with height differences of 7m. Area was divided into 3 levels. The lowest front garden combine the requirements of the conservator and the modern garden. Second level: Recreation garden with two gazebos - on the roof of an underground pool and garage. Third level: Woodland children garden. The project aimed to divert attention from the noise of the city and turning toward nature. This is why garden has some interesting water features such as water stairs and the water wall.

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Memory Lane

Memory lane is a simple block reconstruction project, based on specific business development purposes, the block design chose imitation for the style and features of a city of a particular historical period, and the selection of some with history and local characteristics of materials and processes, and to enhance the style characteristics. Design strives to maintain cityscape in time continuity, respect for the site of the basic characteristics of space, respect environmental preferences of the city in the general population and take these as the core design methods.

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